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Recently I had an opportunity to meet and interact with Mr Dhirendra Kumar of Valueresearchonline.com, a man whose principles for investing is simplicity and understandability, I am borrowing his core principles and exact words ,

In all means by person, by speech,by appearance , by actions he follows these principles to the core which he embodies in himself, the authenticity with which he speaks is a testimony to his beliefs, he can be distinguished as the sage and revered for his approach towards investments.

In these volatile times of economy,markets and its gurus here is a person who is simple,calm and unperturbed which is a measure of his maturity and integrity ,also one who deeply understands Indian markets and its investing public.

I am more than convinced than ever about Valueresearchonline.com, as an frontrunner in providing meaningful information which an investor should seek and understand about his investment decisions.






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